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Driving Business Results Through Diversity & Inclusion


If you're like many companies, you're highly committed to gender diversity (and broader diversity in general). You’re doing this because firstly, it’s the right thing to do, and secondly it makes business sense. Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity outperform their competitors by 15%.

However, creating a workplace climate that enables success for all employees goes beyond setting targets. It requires closing gender and diversity gaps in hiring and promotions, especially early in the talent pipeline.

But be ready… after you set the vision for diversity and inclusion in your organization, employees will uncover systems that exist that are not aligned to that vision! Is there a way to get ahead of this and create sustainable change?

Join us in this fast-paced webinar to learn how to:

  • Prioritize inclusivity throughout the entire employee experience, from recruitment to retirement.

  • Avoid what doesn’t work in D&I programs and maximize what DOES work in order to create true shifts in thinking and decision-making.

  • Design a learning experience that supports your vision and allows your employees to get on board.


CEO and Head of Product,
Blue Ocean Brain

Claire Herring is a business leader and international speaker on diversity & inclusion, leadership, and the art of leveraging science to optimize employee performance. As CEO for pioneering microlearning firm Blue Ocean Brain, Claire brings 21st century learning to companies of all sizes and industries around the globe.

Diversity & Inclusion Expert,
Stratford Managers

Louise Reid is a passionate and accomplished HR leader, coach and facilitator. With over 18 years of Human Resources experience, Louise has broad industry experience in a variety of sectors - utilities, aviation, pharmaceuticals, and high tech. She has lead the creation of an award-winning corporate diversity and inclusion plan, presents on a number of D&I topics, and remains an active member in local community organizations focused on increasing diversity within our workforces.  Using science, soul and positive psychology, Louise seek to enrich the lives of individuals, leaders, organizations and communities.

Grounded in neuroscience and proven modern learning methodologies, Blue Ocean Brain is a pioneering microlearning firm that combines collaborative consultation, award-winning content, and a scalable design solution to help companies of all sizes and industries develop a culture of continuous learning that aligns with and supports their strategic priorities.

Produced fresh 365 days a year, Blue Ocean Brain’s interactive content and flexible user experience brings mission-critical material to the on-the-go learner in a way that fits easily into the flow of their workday - regardless of where they are in the world or in their career.

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